The Top 5 Ways to Take Back Your Garage

It’s that time of year again – Spring! That means, time to organize, clean and get ready for warmer weather, filled with outdoor activities. If your garage is on your list of projects this Spring, we’re here to help. We’re counting down the top 5 ways to take back your garage!


#5. De-Clutter


Simply sorting the garbage from the keepers is a great way to take back your garage. Not only will it free up space in your garage, but it can be a great de-stresser as well, once you’ve cleaned everything out. Have something in good condition that you don’t need?  Sell it on Kijiji or have a garage sale. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


#4. Let there be light!


If you plan on spending some time in your new garage and turning it into a place hobbies, a home gym, etc., it has to feel livable. Brighten up your garage by installing some good lighting. If you have a window, give it a clean and let some light in!


#3. Wall-to-wall 


Does your garage have insulation and drywall? If yours doesn’t, this is definitely something to think about installing. Painted walls in the garage truly make the space feel like an extension of your home, rather than a place for dust to collect. You can also look into spicing up your floors by installing a special floor coating, or simply painting the concrete with floor/porch paint!


#2. Heat it up


If you live in a cold place (Like Alberta!) and have a good sized garage, you can use your garage year round for more than just storing your car and camping gear. By investing in a garage heater, you can create a great workstation for whatever your hobbies might be.


#1. Storage!


You arrive home from a long day away and most often the first space you see, if you can actually drive into it, is your unorganized garage. This has a way of affecting your mood.

Garages are one of the most important places to have good storage, if you take the time to do it right. So many garages aren’t utilized to their full potential, and if you let the junk pile up, your garage becomes nothing more than wasted square footage.

This is why storage is the number one way to take back your garage. When everything has it’s own place, you have so much more time to use your garage for your hobbies, not to mention the space to do it!


Right now, Simple Spaces is offering 15% off Garage storage solutions. So what are you waiting for? Take back your garage today!


The Garage Makeover Begins

Come Spring, we start to think about the garage. It can be one of the most challenging places to store things in a clean, practical manner. But not to fear, Simple Spaces is here! We have come up with  innovative storage solutions for garages that put everything in it’s place, from garden tools, to bicycles, to skis and snowboards. We wanted to show everyone the great things that can be done with a standard sized garage.

So, we put it out to staff wondering if anyone would be interested in a new garage. We had four very deserving garages but only one could be chosen…

Gavin’s garage was in need of a major make over. The garage needed a fresh start. Gavin felt this would be a jumping off point to begin reorganizing throughout his home.



This garage represents a typical space that we have all seen. Filled with loads of stuff that is rarely used, and the things that are used often are difficult to get at.

Follow along during the next few weeks as we renew this space with a garage makeover!


Red Cross Challenge Update

June 2013 was a month many Albertans will never forget. However, as the flood waters raged, the way we came together as a province was amazing and beautiful.

Simple Spaces donated $10,000 dollars to the Red Cross, and challenged the Calgary Home Builders Association to do the same. It was amazing the amount of companies that stepped up to the plate, and together with Alberta Homebuilders and the CHBA, we raised over one million dollars.

Recently, the Red Cross sent us an update of where our donations went in regards to the Alberta Floods. Below is a list of some of the things that these donations went towards, in the 3 categories focused on by the Red Cross:

1. Individuals and Families

a. Distribution of more than 945,000 relief supplies (clean-up kits, first aid kits, hygiene items, water, towels, safety gear, cots and blankets, etc.)

b. Financial assistance to 6,000 families in the form of cash cards for: food; clothing; medical equipment; lodging; childcare assistance; occupational items to help people return to work; school supplies; and transportation (public transit passes or fuel for vehicles).

c. Partnership with Alberta Mental Health and local health services to provide emotional support for clients.

2. Communities

a. Various Food Banks

3. Shelter

a. Managed or supported 16 emergency shelters.

b. Provided Samaritan’s Purse with financial support for the clean-up of 400 homes in Calgary, High River, and Siksika Nation.

c. Provided Habitat for Humanity with financial support for the repair and restoration of 50 homes.

We want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Red Cross Challenge. Please know that you have made a difference, and when we pull together we can do anything!

Simple Spaces at the Home + Garden Show

We are so excited for the Calgary Home + Garden Show starting next weekend!

We’ve been working hard getting everything set up and ready in booths 684 and 685, and we can’t wait for the hub of activity that the Home + Garden Show brings.

We will be featuring a large display of Garage Storage options for storing and organizing sports equipment, lawn & garden tools and craft supplies. Along with garage, we will be featuring mudroom, laundry room and dream closet ideas.

Make sure you stop by to check out what we offer, say hi to some of the Simple Spaces team, and see how we can create custom solutions for any space.

Yellow duck

See you there!