Garage Makeover Final Unveiling

We are so excited to finally unveil our completed garage makeover!

This past spring, we put out a challenge to our staff to see whose garage needed the most help. It was a tough choice between 4 staff garages, but in the end, Gavin’s was chosen.

His garage was full of clutter, and had almost zero storage. Everything he needed to keep in the garage was just taking up space on his garage floor.


Enter Simple Spaces. We came up with a design for Gavin, based on his storage needs. First, he got his garage ready for our team by painting, clearing out all the clutter and getting his garage floors coated.


Then, we went to work. What does Gavin think of his brand new garage? He told us, and gave us some tips for anyone thinking of adding storage to their garage:

1. The best thing about my new garage is the overall feeling of organization. Everything is out of sight, easy to get to and easy to put away. Also, the overall ‘look’ of the garage is amazing.

2. I would tell other people that before you start, this project can take time, depending on the state of your garage.  The Shelving was the easy part! The prep work to get there can take a lot of time and a few dollars. Tip: Plan to do this project in spring or summer. During the winter months, it would have been tough to paint.

3. With the Shelving in the garage, I don’t think I would change anything! Just be mindful of shelving depths you want, think about the vehicles you drive and how much room these take. Smaller vehicles will allow for deeper shelves, but for bigger vehicles you may want to go with a shallower depth.”

- Gavin

Now, Check out some pictures of the finished product!



Simple-End-Result4 Simple-End-Result3






It’s All About Accessories!

It’s September, and our new promotion has begun at Simple Spaces! For the next few months, we’re offering free accessories with the purchase of a wood closet. Let’s start with the details:

Spend $750 on a wood closet and get free accessories! Choose one of the packages below*:

Package #1: Choose any 2 of the following ($130 value):

  • Slide out valet rod
  • Slide out tie rack
  • Slide out scarf rack
  • Slide out belt rack

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3_Fotor_Collage2













Package #2: Choose any 3 of the following ($90 value**):

  • Tie Hook
  • Belt Hook
  • Accessories hook
  • Double Hook

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3_Fotor_Collage

Package #3 ($125 value):

  • Jewelry insert

 Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.09.40 PM










This great promotion is only on until the end of November, so don’t miss out!

As always, our designers are here to answer any of your questions. Contact us here

See you at the Simple Spaces Display Centre!

*Customers may only choose one of the 3 packages, no combinations.

** Does not include the price of the board

5 Reasons Lockers are Lovely!

1. Designated Spaces for each family member

Lockers are an amazing way to keep every family member’s items separated and organized. This way, everyone has their own space that belongs to no one but them!

















2. Storage for Jackets – Back Packs – Mitts, Hats & Shoes

Storing bulky items that are used often can be tricky. Luckily, backpacks, jackets and winter gear can be easily stored in a locker, while remaining completely accessible. Also, using hooks for hanging jackets is quick and easy, so kids are more likely to use them over hangers.

 3. Doors, or no doors? Your choice

At Simple Spaces, we specialize in custom closet and storage solutions, so you’re lockers will be exactly how you want them. Keep the contents of your locker visible and easily accessible, or opt for doors on your lockers to keep everything hidden away and looking tidy.


 4. Standard closets have return walls making that space less accessible

Lockers ensure that every inch of storage space is accessible, letting you store as much as possible and keep everything organized.

 5. Use in the garage for sports equipment

Lockers aren’t just for outerwear! Use them for garage storage to organize sports equipment, camping gear and more.


5 great summer activities to do with your kids

Summer is upon us! In Calgary there are so many great sights to see during the warmer months. Get your family out and about this season with these top 5 summer activities to do with your kids in Calgary and area:

1)    Riley Park

Pack up a picnic basket and bring your family down to Riley Park. Located directly south of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), this awesome park is home to free summer concerts, picnic tables, beautiful greenery, a wading pool and so much more. Always open and always free, Riley Park is a great place to make summer memories with the family.



2)    Okotoks Dawgs Baseball

It’s true what they say – a baseball game cannot be just watched, it has to be felt! Unfortunately, with the loss of the Calgary Vipers in 2011, the spirit of baseball in our city has slipped a little! Have no worries, the Okotoks Dawgs are just a short drive away. With single games as inexpensive as $5 per ticket, there’s no reason not to bring the whole family out for an afternoon. Buy yourself some peanuts and crackerjacks and come on out to root for the home team!



3)    Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Bring the family (and your binoculars!) down to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary this summer for a little education and a lot of fun! Just a short drive east of downtown, the sanctuary is open 10 am – 6 pm weekdays and 10 am – 5 pm weekends. Trails may be closed for the 2014 season, but the Nature Centre and guided tours are where the real informational treasures lie.



4)    Fort Calgary

Located just east of Calgary’s downtown, Fort Calgary is a year-round exhibition of the history of Mounted Police and the early settlement of Calgarians. Your family can try an RCMP uniform on for size or even experience an old jail cell from the inside!



5)    Canada Olympic Park

This event is not for the faint of heart! Head up to COP this summer and ride the zipline all the way down from the monster ski jump tower! Younger children, or those with a fear of heights, could try out the other summer events COP has to offer such as mini golf or the spider web climbing structure.