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01. Will Simple Spaces visit my home and assist in the design and planning?

02. Do you manufacture your products?

03. What’s the process of designing a closet or shower?

04. What backing (in walls) is recommended for a 10mm glass shower?

05. Can you install 10mm glass onto a Fiberglass stall?

06. Why do you need a header on the 10mm glass? The reason I want a ‘seamless’ shower is so there is no hardware. I have seen many showers in magazines that do not have a header.

07. How ‘hardy’ are the seals and fins on 10mm showers. Will I have to replace them in a year?

08. How do I maximize my closet space?

09. How do you determine shelving and hang heights?

10. How easy is it to change the configuration/design of a closet after we move in and see how we use the space?

11. What is the weight capacity for both wire and wood shelving? Will my pantry wire ‘bow’?

12. What is the wire shelving made of?

13. Which cleaning products does Simple Spaces recommend?